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You’re Just 1 Step Away from Joining Michael Carr’s New Apex Alert…

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A revolutionary new system that our historical, 10-year analysis shows had the power to turn $10,000 into more than $2,000,000 over a decade.


You’re among an exclusive group of people with a private invitation to join me at the pinnacle of stock market profits…

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Which our 10-year historical analysis shows that it had the power to…

Turn $10,000 into more than $2,000,000 over a decade…

During our AI-driven back test of more than 7,000 simulated trades and 20,000 hours of real market data...

To eliminate as much of the guesswork as possible… Minimizing the risk, and increasing its profitability for you.

That’s why the Apex Profit Calendar is the crowning achievement of my 40-year career.

And I’ve done it all.

From developing top-secret technologies at the Pentagon and building advanced computer systems for the National Security Agency…

To coding nuclear missiles for our military during the Cold War.

And after retiring from the Air Force with many medals and honors in 2005…

I became a pioneer in the fintech revolution. And grew my former hedge fund from $80 million to $220 million in the middle of the global financial crisis.

From there, I was appointed as an instructor at the New York Institute of Finance, “Where Wall Street goes to school.” And I regularly mentor top executives at Goldman Sachs.

But my brand-new Apex Profit Calendar takes the cake.

Crushing the returns of top-performing hedge funds … including Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates, Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

And I believe there’s so much potential with my new Apex Profit Calendar that…

You will NEVER have a losing year.

Because after analyzing 10 years of real market data…

Our research shows my Apex Profit Calendar had the power to…

Stack up consistent, double- and triple-digit gains EVERY YEAR…

For an entire DECADE, without fail.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m taking my new Apex Profit Calendar system LIVE…

So you can have the opportunity to experience all its profit-producing benefits as a charter member.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Me Inside of Apex Alert Today:

  • Instant Apex Alert Access

You’ll get this sent straight to your inbox. And you’ll have it the day before each new “Apex Profit Season” begins.

That way you will have it and be able to act on my recommendation as soon as possible. Giving yourself the best chance to get in early for the biggest gains.

The Apex Alert will give you all the information you need to be successful in each trade. Including the name and ticker symbol for the stock, what buy price I recommend and the EXACT date you can close your position, along with my profit projections and all my research and analysis.

You can even choose to be notified of these Apex alerts through text message if you want. So you will always know when to check your inbox and never have to worry about missing an important trade.

Which is great because you’ll also be reminded to join me in…

  • The Live Apex Briefing

At the start of each new Apex Profit Season, I’ll hold exclusive live interactive webinars for members.

I’ll share my expert market commentary and answer your most common questions through our interactive chat feature and give you my outlook for the rest of the year.

Live Apex Briefings image.

Not only that, but each week I’ll send you my exclusive…

  • Weekly Market Intel Report

Where I get you up to speed on the biggest behind-the-scenes financial news. And give you my expert insider market commentary.

Plus, I’ll always review our model portfolio and check in with you on each of our current Apex Alert positions.

Market Intel Report image.

Which, speaking of the model portfolio, you’ll be able to check our positions anytime you want, through the…

  • Secure Member Portal

The secure Apex member portal is your “home base” for accessing all your exclusive resources.

Including recordings of our live Apex Briefing calls, the printable Apex Profit Calendar, access to the complete data set from our research on each sector and all my special training guides.

Member Portal image.

And don’t forget, when you join me inside of Apex today … you’ll receive, one of the…

  • Rare, limited-edition Apex challenge coins

To commemorate your decision to become a financial hero for your family today.

And I’ll personally make sure my team sends you your coin right away.

You can carry it around every day in your pocket, or put it on your desk as a permanent reminder of the life-changing wealth I’m targeting…

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And that’s not all, because you’re also protected by my promise to completely take any fear of risk off of your shoulders.

Because I’m Offering You My “100% Apex Guarantee.”

Mike's 100% Apex guarantee image.

Because I’m guaranteeing my Apex recommendations will deliver a shot at a 100% gain over the next year…

Giving you the unprecedented opportunity to DOUBLE your account in just 12 months.

Or else, I’ll credit you the price you pay today to any other elite research service that we publish.

And really, this 100% gain is the MINIMUM I’m expecting for you. Because I fully anticipate you’ll be on your way to getting much, MUCH more than that.

Remember, there were years in our analysis where my Apex Profit Calendar would have more than DOUBLED your money within 12 months…

Producing gains during back testing as high as 110%, 174% and even 100% so far in 2023. So, the sky’s really the limit.

In fact, I’m so confident you’re going to love my Apex Alert service that I’m offering you the choice between two incredible new membership levels.

So, your one-year membership is only $1,995.

However, I’m so confident in the long-term results of Apex Alert that I’m also offering an even better deal … a 10-year membership for only $2,995.

This 10-year option is my best offer ever and has been preselected so that you can instantly save, and it’s still backed by our 100% guarantee.

All at a special, inaugural, charter member rate only available to the first 1,000 people who join me today.

October 2023

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  • Includes ten-year access to Apex Alert. This ensures you have the opportunity to maximize your gains year after year — by using the same AI-driven system our research shows had the power to turn $10,000 into more than $2,000,000 over a decade.
  • Instant Apex Alert access.
  • The live Apex briefing.
  • Weekly Market Intel report.
  • Secure member portal.
  • Rare, limited-edition, Apex Challenge coin.
  • Apex 100% Performance Guarantee to double your money in only one year.
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  • Instant Apex Alert access.
  • The live Apex briefing.
  • Weekly Market Intel report.
  • Secure member portal.
  • Rare, limited-edition, Apex Challenge coin.
  • Apex 100% Performance Guarantee to double your money in only one year.

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