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3 Trades

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Every week the markets are open over the next year, Adam will continue to send you his top three Wednesday Windfalls trade opportunities.

Cash out these simple trades every Wednesday at 2 p.m., and you could compound your investment accounts extremely quickly.

Trade Alerts

#3 — A Yearly Subscription to Wednesday Windfalls, Including Your Weekly Video Trade Wrap-Up

Adam doesn’t only want to help you make money — he also wants you to be able to tell your friends and family WHY you’re making so much money.

That’s why, in this weekly video, Adam will give you a play-by-play of the week’s trade, and pass on the lessons you need to become an expert trader in your own right, no matter your starting point.

These weekly communications will also keep you up to date and informed on everything Adam sees in the markets.

Weekly Updates

#4 — New Video Series: “3 Simple Steps to Banking a Windfall Every Wednesday”

This video series will teach you everything you need to know to make these simple Wednesday Windfalls trades like a seasoned pro, even if you’ve never placed a trade in your life.

Watch these immediately, and you’ll be ready to start your first trade this coming Monday before closing it out on Wednesday.

Video Series

#5 — Members-Only Website

You’ll also get access to a special members-only website where we house all the resources listed above as well as our model portfolio where you can see all our open trades and past winners and losers.

We believe in providing complete transparency for our valued members, and this is part of our commitment to doing that.


#6 — VIP Concierge Service

If you have any questions about Wednesday Windfalls, I believe you’ll be thrilled by the level of service you’ll receive from our customer care team.

We strive to give you the same experience you’d receive at the desk of a 5-star hotel. We’re here to help with any need that may arise with your subscription.

Customer Care

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Apple Watch

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Performance Guarantee Satifaction Guarantee

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